5 feet 2 in

  • Weight:
    112 lbs
  • Age Range:
    48 – 65
  • Physique:
  • Hair Color:
  • Hair Length:
    Shoulder Length
  • Eyes:
  • Ethnicity:
  • Voice Type:




Super Mehra Bros Deborah Daniels Red Flight Pictures, Joey Scola
The Tea Man Mrs Murtah 10 Entertainment, Joseph Carlin
The Touchstone Mom Red Carpet Media, Robert Remy
Soulmate Dr Pizer Hellfire Club Studio Films, Shawn Anthony
Can’t Judge A Book Ethel Milbury Zach Williams Flicks, Zack Williams
Guts Sam’s mother Rabbit Hole Productions, Brian Keenan
Birthday Cake Mrs Johnson Eastbird Media, Jonathan Park
Puzzle Aunt Maggie Strangeway Productions, Antonia Lema
Dirt Mom Mike Fallek Films, Mike Fallek
Twist and Shout Ethel Emerson, Zach Kornfeld
You Can’t Go Home Again Susan Columbia, Nicole DeMasi
Ripe Senior Siren NYU, Peter Smith
Mental Patience Mother Grainless Pictures, Nathan Marcus
Smoking Section Gladys (Mom) Edgar de La Vega
Safe Haven Rose Red Flight Pitures, Kyle Thompson
Gangs of Cornwall High Mrs Robinson Brave Knight Productions, Robert E. Lee
La Voleuse Guard MAG VFXX Production Magda Sztompka
Fick-le Lead Attorney Brenda Stern Powell Powell Poduction, David L Powell
Swim Lourie Mistler Outcold Productions, Kyle Thompson
Yes, Your Tide is Cold and Dark, Sir Lori Whiles Myatin Filmworks
Women’s Playground Grace (inmate) Tapestry Entertainment, Belinda Wilson
The Hardest Six Grandma Howard Brumar Films , Martin Whittier
Skook Francine Kookamow Films, Connor Hurley
A Convenient Truth White Woman Living Daylights Pictures, Dominick Bagnato
Smiley Face Killers Mother-Cathy Mahoney New Dawn Films, Andrew Fitzgerald
Oblivion Barbara Los Palomas Productions, Marco Chiavarelli
Ghost Goggles Mrs Goldstein Magic Elevator, Creep Creepersin
Gratitude Gladys Una Corda Productions, Marty Kryzwonos
Famalea Film Dean of Music Dream Catcher Multimedia, Tony Angelo
See All The People Maxine Sherman Extraordinary film Project, Jon Russell Cring
The Bench Grace Poni TV, Lawrence Greenberg
Shadow Slayer Mary 831 Films, Andrew Pizzo Richard Chadwick
Birthday Ma Wide Eyed Pictures, Kate McMeans
Red Barber Mildred Dream Catcher Multimedia, Tony Angelo
Women of a Certin Age Julie Cinema Alliance , Sean McKnight
Road Rage Briana Brad Mays, LightSong Films
The Philadelphia Bicycle Vignette Story Grandma Unconsciuos Films, Bryan Green
Mr Blue Shirt: The inspiration Lisa Cavatini Reckoning force Productions, Mike Stewart
Alice in America Psychiatrist Candid Picture Productions, Chinny Chukwa
Alice Mary Paulson Lionize Production Studios, Matthew Stumpf
Lost in Manhattan Margaritte 443 Productions Ltd, Richard Schall
Velocity The Conduit A Different Path Films
The Knit Nettie White Killerbeam Entertainment, Gary Malick
Hotel Peggy Manmade Productions, Mark Clauburg
Can I Get Justice Law Firm CEO Banks Enterprises Productions
Karma: Day of the Loon Baroness MEKA films, Derrick Berry
A Day At The Beach Sue Curiouser Creative Studio, Lisa Gipsova
Hedda Needs Help Frances Stein Barr Baron Films, Lisa Baron
Hidden Ties Mandy Payne Williams Famile ABE, London Williams


Celebrity Ghost Stories (TV Series #3.3) Grandma Ozella Jarrett Creative Group, Tim Smith
Unfaithful: stories of Betrayal (TV Series #1.4) Jay and Julie’s Therapist True Entertainment, OWN
Celebrity Close Calls (TV Series 31.4) Ginnie Everhart Jarrett Creative Group, Lesley Mallgrave
The RAs (TV Series #s 1.7,1.10) Nurse Campbell John Capo
Girlhattan (TV Series pilot) Upscale hotel patron Matt Lenski, Karmaloop TV
Heromakers (NYTV Fest Pilot) Rachel Feinman Super Awesome Productions, Jay Nog & Dan Hirshorn
On the Case with Paula Zahn (2hr special: Murder at Sunset and other episodes) 5th Season Key Witness and Victim’s mother Weinberger Media, Investigation Discovery
Stalked: Someone’s Watching (episode 304) Holly Knowles Atlas Media Corp., Investigation Discovery
PetsCentral News Host/ Anchor M C McBride, Gone to the Dogs Productions PetsCentral Media
Very Mary Kate (Series #3.14 and #4Sarkozy vs Hoffman), ) NYU Trustee, Upscale Restaurant Patron Hulu TV, Sam Reich,
Breezin With Bierman Guest/Self Princeton TV/Adam Bierman
Etiquette At The End Of The World Episode 12 Dr Robin Poni TV/ Lawrence R. Greenberg
Monsters Inside Me ( Season 4) Louise optomen Production Company, Animal Planet
Killer Profiles (#1.2 Israel Keyes) Lorraine Stage Three Production, Biography Channel
Celebrity Ghost Stories (Season 5) Barbara Steele’sGrandmother Jarrett Creative Group, Biography Channel
Bad Teachers (1.3) Neighbor/main witness Atlas Media Corp., Investigation Discovery
Deadly Sins (2.9) Renee Curtiss Dick Clark Productions, Investigation Discovery
HOH: Kidnapped (1.10) Brandi’s Mom Sirens Media, Investigation Discovery
I’d Kill for You (1.8) Donna Dahm NBC Universsal, Peacock Productions, ID Channel
Sangre Negra (1.10) Alexandra Levy Sangre Negra LLC, Frank Pinnock
Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall (2.1) Teresa Hurst NBC Universal. Peacock Productions, ID Channel
Amish Haunting Taxi Driver Donna Anderson Hot Snakes Media. Destination America
The Perfect Murder (#2.5) Snitch Kaufman Films, ID Channel
A Crime to Remember (2.1) Victims’s Neighbor Xcon Productions, ID channel
Shadow of Doubt Mrs Beaver Stephen David Entertainment, ID channel
I Was Possessed (#1.4) Grandmother Sirens Media, Lifetime Movie Network
Billy on the Street (4) Judge Julie E.D. Productions, TruTV, TBS
Homicide for the Holidays Aunt Julie Jarrett Creative Group, Oxygen Channel


Constellation Energy: Watts family reunion Granny Watts C.E. Senior Players, Rei Spinnocchio
Old On Purpose (Pepsi films) Senior Citizen Pepsi films, Jody Lauren Miller
Share the Bliss2! ( Upper East Side Lady Creativa Films, Carmen Saverese
Kodak Picture Kiosk “ShareYour Story” Superhero Granny Howcast Media, Lessa Millet
Wellcare: Entertaining Seniors Performance artist NBTV, Kennedy
HP ePrint “Memories to Go” Suburban Wife/Mom Howcast Media, Carlo Scialla
NPMA Trust You Instinct Businesswoman Center City Film & Video, Glen Zeigler
Walmart Auction Auction Goer Orange Crush Productions, Kevin Anton
Mr Steam Mom Uoon Productions, Toni Comas
NY Laser Vision Upscale Wife Rosskimo Productions, Peter Polyakov
Workman’s Circle Multicare Center Patient Crossbow Studios, Greg Koorhan
X-BIKE X-BIKE Boomer Girl Meltzer Media Production, Jeff Meltzer
American Certified First Interviewee American Certified, Edan Cohen
Dr Denese Clinical Sculpting Neck Treatment TV model before and after QVC
Tai Cheng Participant in program Regis Philbin interviewee Stand Creative Group, Chris Strand
Trust Cards Patient Marketing for Change (Salter Mitchell Agency)
InvenTel (Divine Time Clock) Neighbor Look Models
Momilestones Estate Attorney Commercial Grieving Widow Tinman Creative Productions LLC


3 Sister Living in a Dump in Coney Island Alexa The Village Playwrights Group, Joel Wechsler
Music Man Alma Hix Washington Crossing Park, Pennington Players
Cupcake Cabaret Sherry Somebody (Lead) 4&9Productions,Pamela Nash
Reality Sandwiches Middle-aged Actor(Supporting) Dixon Place Theater, S Grossfeld
Cheap Guy Hall of Fame 2010 Mother (Lead) Papermill Theater, Philly Fringe 2010
Casey 30 Years Later Ms. P. Plenty (Supporting) Broadway Comedy Club, Beverly Bonner
California Redemption Value Birdie (Lead) Hellafresh Theater, John Rosenberg
The Vagina Monologues Woman 2 ( Supporting) VDAy 2012 Flemington, Jen DaCunha
Dating Norma and Happy Baby NYC Thespis Theater Fest, Kristin Lucas
Easy to Love Bartender Manhatten Repetory Theater, Arthur Brown


Beaterator Wealthy Theatergoer CollegeHumor, Vincent Peone
PSA A J ‘s mom Odd Sqodd Comedy Production, Jonathan Jirak
Roof Slip and Slide English Teacher CollegeHumor, Paul Briganti
The Instagram Kit Senator’s Wife CollegeHumor, Saj Pothiawala
Gunfight Kathy Odd Sqodd Comedy Productions, Jonathan Jirak
The Funeez-Startng Over Mom AKONI Production, Anthony Miller


SAP Training Videos Account Executive and Client Executive Studio Center Total Production


Melting Pot Restaurants Grandmother Red Tettemer & Partners
Golden Technologies Skooter user Look Models
Hydrolyzer before and after model Atlantic Coast Media Group
Merck Sharp & Dohme –Melanoma treatment Caregiver Daggerwing Health , Tim Tadder


Discouraged Workers (episode 1.5) Louise Sleepless Pictures LLC, Nathan Parks
Newark Times Weddings: Ted & Gracie (The Parents) Gracie’s Mom The Unpleasant Co, Jena Friedman
Not the Sharpest Crayon (Scamming the Stupid and Driving Mr Daddy) Sophie R&R Productions, Robyn and Richard Schall
Sharp Cooking (Baking for Obesity Aunt Millie Solan Productions, Sam Maliszewski
The Corporate Brother (#6) Executive Tinman Creative , Todd Inman
Flour (Season 3) Rose Purple Shamrock Media , D McCullagh
Below The Line (6) Cecilia Erika Yeomans
Rebuilding Tyrone Smallwood Dr. Buckley Todd Inman, Tinman Creative Solutions
Rota Fortunae Grandmother InstaMiniSeries, Nikki Borges
Ghetto Nerd Girl Dorothy YDubs Productions, Sally McGarvey
The Philly Offensive (S1,E1, Pilot) Mother Ceritto Productions, Mario Cerrito III
The Demo Guy Patty Xavier Pentagramaphone Entertainment, Trevor Crane


Greenback Boogie- IMA Robot (music video) Graffiti Artist, Dominatrix Creativa films, Frank Jerky
You are not alone (music video) Middle aged alcoholic Lydia Galeno Productions, Lydia Galeno
Jew-Z”s Groove Cranky Lady reel Goode and Blueye Productions, Jody Lauren Miller
Lady Tennessee-Little Anchor Pageant Mom David Yoon and Cynthis Chou
Ilse Gevsert Older Lover Grove Miles Music, Peter Polykov
What Does Your Mom Say Mom Blue Eye Productions, Michael Kelberg
Thekeenone-Loud (music video) Upscale woman Mondo Marcio/Bryan Green

Employment Details

  • Work History:
    Internet, Commercial, Theater, Music Video, Film, Television
  • Job Categories:


Comedy Demo Reel
Drama Demo Reel