Recent and Upcoming Projects:

2019 Off to a great start I have accepted the role of Judy in this romance paranormal thriller.

Julie Chapin as Judy in Never Can Say Good-bye

Visit the website to read more exciting updates: Never Can Say Good-bye

On January 16 I was in the episode of called Finders Keepers  of Season 9 America’s Court with Judge Ross.  It plays weekdays at KCAL 9.  It was great fun to be the plaintiff (and not the judge for a change ) In a contentious case.

An uproarious rehearsal of Alexandra Levy and Alfonso Dimitri  in episode 6 of Sangre Negra. Will be filming next week and all 8 episodes scheduled to be broadcast on the El Rey Network in Spring 2019.

El Rey Network

In February filmed another episode of Sangre Negra.  Alexandra Levy’s cougar scene with Alfonso Dimitri played by Sebastian Large.  This series is supposed to air by the summer on El Rey Network.

Returned to the East Coast April 1 and booked three series. The first is an awesome comedic drama set in the 1890s in the west.  I am the voice of the stage coach widow, Mary the saloon hostess and the farmers wife/Jakes Ma.  It is called the Medicine show. See recording session on April 11 below.

End of April shot a pilot for Reel Life.  I play the mother of the main character, Sandra Duquesne.  I am a lifelong hippie and own with my husband a vinyl record store.  This was great fun.

Began recording episode six in the epic season two of the gray area podcast ( Unfortunately was interrupted by noise of a maintenance crew and will pick up again next month.  Enjoyed watching the creator Ed Champion spin his audio magic. Fantastic story line.  Can tell this will be an amazing season and I love my character and the pivotal role she plays.

Wrapped my role in the Grey Area podcast on June 19!  Roller coaster of emotions,  All in an invigorating ride through the imaginative circumstances by this gifted storyteller Ed Champion.

Accepted the role of the mother in the  short film thriller called The Crumbling.  It follows a drug user blinded by love living in the shadow of a decrepit city who has one night to obtain the object of his affection. It will be filming in August.

In July I was filmed as Bubby in the romantic dramedy  What Do I Do Now.  My scenes were set in the m1940s at the bakery I operated and lived behind.  I gave sage advice to the apple of my-eye my grandson Yael who recently wrote this heartfelt  true story.  Director Joshua Coates, his wonderful crew and cast packed a lot of love into this film – expected release date 2020

In August I will be filmed in a mockumentary appearing as a psychiatrist with a challenging case written by the imaginative New Zealand director Nathan Morris (  I also will begin appearing as a teacher In a new sitcom pilot called The Drop Spot.  Later in August will be the mother in this short film The Crumbling.

Table read of new sitcom series The Drop Spot

Filmed my scenes this past weekend in the short film The Crumbling.  Worked with Evan and George of Spinning Real Films.  This is the 3rd film they’ve collaborated on.

Just accepted the offer to play the female lead in an 80s slasher style film shooting this fall in Philadelphia.

Filmed in August an hilarious mockumentary created by the very imaginative Nathan Morris.  I am Dr.Falconer, therapist extraordinaire.

Episode 309 of Shattered, another tragic tale of a family destroyed by a senseless murder.  I am Helen, a grandmother who receives the tragic news.   Filmed last week of August.

The screening of my debut in Ghetto Nerd Girl took place on September 7.  It was hilarious and yes I was mommy dearest.


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