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In January the Best Web Series Ever (where I am Karen, the mom in episode 8) made it to #4 of the top 10 list of
The short film Sister is going to the Ocean City Maryland Film Festival
E.D.N.O.R.A.  is in the Cabin Fever Film Festival and Hedda Needs Help was chosen to be one of 20 films in the London International Story First Film Festival screening .
The Demo Guy season 2 episode 5 is now on YouTube.  I have  the recurring role of Patty Xavier. (The Demo Guy’s Mom)
Booked my first film role since getting back to LA Jan 5 and filming first weekend in February – its the supporting role of Mrs. Walker school teacher in Babilah.
Check out my hilarious scene at 13:10  minutes of the Emmy nominated series of  Tough Love
 In February was the acerbic cashier lady in a new independent comedy My Name Here.


Last weekend in February shot a fantasy drama called Edison’s Diorama written and directed by Yoo Zhang.  I am the arrogant neighbor Mrs. Brown.

In March spent two weekends shooting the The Price a crime thriller filmed in Idyllwild in the San Jacinto mountains.

At gunpoint trying to protect my grandson.

Also appeared in a short poignant drama by Charles Rojas in March as the friendly neighbor to a young girl and wife to a man who developed Alzheimer’s.  Some very touching scenes.  It as shot in Whittier, CA.

Back in New York and hit the ground running in a new half hour comedy pilot called Fakers. Hilarious episode opening scene where  I’m Nancy an overworked consulting firm hiring partner.  Here I am with the  two stars “Mark and T “.  Pilot is based on an earlier series that won best series at the 2017 downtown LA film festival

The web series I am in Ghetto Nerd Girl just won best Screen play at the Miami Web Fest.

Just in time for Mother’s Day filmed a parody called  OK Oedipus for Comedy Central and of course I played the mother.  Can’t wait to see this. Great cast and crew, director and DP.

The Knit where I costar as the Old Knitty was an honored finalist and recipient of the Princeton Tiger Award at the Nassau Film Festival 2018.

Hedda Needs Help is screening in NYC at the Anthology Film Archives on Sat. June 2.

Here is a link to the the trailer:

Hedda Needs Help


Pictures from Hedda Needs Help red carpet NYC premiere:


In June had a table read for the feature film thriller Arisen 2 where I am Mrs. Kennedy.

Also was cast in a feature called It’s Complicated playing the eccentric hippy mother of the lead and another indie film called Sarang.

In June wrapped the film Sarang.  I was the wife and caretaker to Sean who has Alzheimer’s.  A very poignant short film starring Anthony  Wilcox and myself and directed by Antwione Saunders.  Also completed the role of Thomas’ mother in More Time,  another moving film from the creative talents of KillerBeam entertainment. See

In July I performed in 2 feature film shoots.  First was a scene for Mr. Blue Shirt.   I was the mother of one of the cowboys and a barmaid.   It was a great wild west scene in a saloon.  Mr. Blue Shirt will be epic and has been in the making for a number of years.
The second production “Dickie K” was based on a true story of former drug addict now drug counselor Richard Koeffler.  The scenes we filmed were in 1980s and 2003.  I am Geri Weintraub Dickie K’s tough as nails Jewish mother-in-law.  Filming will continue in August.
 August was a busy month. Filmed another scene from Dickie K (see below).  Geri Weintraub with grandson Matt and son-in-law Richard at poolside.  We will be shooting more scenes in October.

Also worked on the feature film Goodbye Seventies,  a realistic gritty poignant movie focusing on the gay community in the 70s and 80s with retrospective scenes in the current century.  I play Lexxy the tough ruthless theater owner who shows “art films “ including those of the main characters.

Also based on a real person.  Enjoyed bringing her back to life.

Woo Hoo!  Letting Go directed by Lisann Valentin has been nominated for the best drama at the official Latino Film Festival (NYC).  Screening September 24 sold out!!  LA debut in October.  Yes, that’s me as the beloved Mamita.  I was so touched  – so much love and affection in this story.

On Sept. 23 shot a dinner scene and reunion with actor Randall Gort.  Met film husband Terence Gleeson — all out the imagination of director writer actor Abigail Brumley.  Parents Rose (me) and Harry to daughter Main, son Vincent and let’s not forget Uncle Lenny, Aunt Judy.  It’s a family affair, part of a trilogy I’m told.

In October did a reading of The Cemetery Club,  I read for Doris.   Hoping this goes on stage in the spring.

October 18 we wrapped on the feature film Dickie K.   Last shoot very exciting with real ambulance and EMTs.

October 22 filmed episode 209 of Shattered, a crime series on the ID channel.  I was the mother of the victim.  Along with my husband played  by Aaron Cohen, we were interviewed by the sheriff played  by George Isaacs.  First time giving a DNA sample.

Our KNIT Team and Killerbeam Entertainment swept Three Amazing Awards at the 2018 Atlantic City Cinefest / Downbeach Film Festival.  KNIT wraps up its festival run with a total of 13 wins and 9 additional nominations!

November filming a gruesome comedy “The Happy Couple”.  I am Mrs Cuthbertson a virtually blind nosy neighbor who unwittingly is an accomplice to a crime.

End of November filmed horror movie Arisen2: Revelations.  In the Kennedy’s bedrooms before and after being bludgeoned to death.  Great way to cap East coast filming this year.  Will pick up in Los Angeles in 2019.

Hedda Needs Help has been sold to Shorts TV US and Shorts TV Europe.  It will be Movie of the Week on December 29.  What a great short film!

I am so pleased that Tough Love, an Emmy nominated series in which I play Jane, the hiring manager, will now be on the new Comcast network, Cleo TV.  Way to go!  And definitely worth watching.

Before leaving on vacation mid December the indomitable and classy Loretto Graham and I shot 6 episodes of conversations.

2019 Off to a great start I have accepted the role of Judy in this romance paranormal thriller.

Julie Chapin as Judy in Never Can Say Good-bye

Visit the website to read more exciting updates: Never Can Say Good-bye

On January 16 I was in the episode of called Finders Keepers  of Season 9 America’s Court with Judge Ross.  It plays weekdays at KCAL 9.  It was great fun to be the plaintiff (and not the judge for a change ) In a contentious case.

An uproarious rehearsal of Alexandra Levy and Alfonso Dimitri  in episode 6 of Sangre Negra. Will be filming next week and all 8 episodes scheduled to be broadcast on the El Rey Network in Spring 2019.

El Rey Network

In February filmed another episode of Sangre Negra.  Alexandra Levy’s cougar scene with Alfonso Dimitri played by Sebastian Large.  This series is supposed to air by the summer on El Rey Network.

Returned to the East Coast April 1 and booked three series. The first is an awesome comedic drama set in the 1890s in the west.  I am the voice of the stage coach widow, Mary the saloon hostess and the farmers wife/Jakes Ma.  It is called the Medicine show. See recording session on April 11 below.

End of April shot a pilot for Reel Life.  I play the mother of the main character, Sandra Duquesne.  I am a lifelong hippie and own with my husband a vinyl record store.  This was great fun.

Began recording episode six in the epic season two of the gray area podcast ( Unfortunately was interrupted by noise of a maintenance crew and will pick up again next month.  Enjoyed watching the creator Ed Champion spin his audio magic. Fantastic story line.  Can tell this will be an amazing season and I love my character and the pivotal role she plays.

Wrapped my role in the Grey Area podcast on June 19!  Roller coaster of emotions,  All in an invigorating ride through the imaginative circumstances by this gifted storyteller Ed Champion.

Accepted the role of the mother in the  short film thriller called The Crumbling.  It follows a drug user blinded by love living in the shadow of a decrepit city who has one night to obtain the object of his affection. It will be filming in August.

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