I’d Kill For You: Episode 213, Pain Killer where I play the murderers wife Dottie Ates will air  Saturday,  February 14th  2015 at 10pm/9pm central on ID: Investigation Discovery.

Hooray Bryan Green is finishing his feature film Philadelphia Bicycle Vignettes —he is shooting this month and next ( I played the grandmother of Leila Jean Davis) here is a picture with Leila of great screening party of the  early cut of the film

Bicycle Vignettes

Rebuilding Tyrone Smallwood Web Series  (In which I play Dr Buckley Tyrone’s psychiatrist) is now featured on our first network- Black Talent TV. http://blacktalent.tv/…/look-whos-next-rebuilding-tyrone-s…/

Four short films will be premiering at the PHW film festival on Saturday, February 21…The Bench, Women of a Certain Age, Sisters and E.N.D.O.R.A….looking forward to a fun afternoon”  http://playhousewest.net/philly-film-festival/

On the set for a TV commercial for InvenTel – a talking clock.


This weekend we filmed scenes of me as C. J. Adams (a tough casting agent) in the feature film The Path.  Thinking that brunettes are actually the ones who have more fun.




April is already shaping up nicely.  I have been cast in a new feature length film the third for Joseph Carlin called “Genteel”.  My role is a Cougar Southern Bell Bar Fly opposite the lead.  I also have been cast as Judge Mosberry in a new media series NuJay’s E.W.C. web-series being filmed in Richmond Va.  And the series Sangre Negre is resuming.  Lots to look forward to…


Had a great time shooting two episodes of this awesome series which will be premiering by the Summer Nikki Borges Director and Joshua Sterling Bragg (cinematographer) are quite a team. I am one of the 18 characters in the Rota Fortunae referred to in the following Backstage article:



Played the “snitch” in an episode of The Perfect Murder (Season 2 episode 5 “Schultz”)—another crime reenactment series on Investigation Discovery Channel.  Am told this may air as early as June.

perfectmurder-2 perfectmurder-1

April 24 – Shooting episode 4 of I Am Possessed, a miniseries on Lifetime Movie Network.  A drone camera flew through the air and captured wonderful angles.

IMG_3293 IMG_3298


And fantastic  news – booked a photo shoot on May 7/8 for a major pharmaceutical company with international buy-out

There’s a sneak peak trailer up for Rota Fortunae, the ‪#‎instaminiseries I had the pleasure of performing in, with a little glimpse of me on the G line. Yep, a miniseries on Instagram. So inspired by the creative team– Ceci Fernandez, Nikki Borges, Joshua Sterling Bragg, Amanda de la Nuez Premiering May 5.


On April 26 had a bloody good time on location for Mr Blue Shirt: the Inspiration …oh did I mention I was practically dead on arrival. Great fun with Director Writer Mike Stewart.


The Perfect Murder  has a set premiere date – Wednesday, June 3rd. Ill keep everyone posted when I hear the date of my episode!

Last week was a photo shoot for a major ad campaign for a global pharmaceutical company.  It was quite a day with some extremely talented folks including the photographer Tim Tadder and producer Mick B pictured here…yes I did look up to both of them both literally and figuratively.  Also pictured here I am with my Ad husband Actor Michael Marotta…..stay tuned when I can announce where to see the fruits of this shoot which is currently covered by an NDA.

photo2 photo1

News from the week of May 18 – Shot a music video last week.  First time rapping with Director Bryan Green and break out group “Keen” from Philadelphia and Milan on the song “Loud”.

Made the final cut for a fitness commercial on Tai Cheng – excited to be focusing on balance, flexibility and relaxation and did I mention an interview with Regis Philbin is being planned on his syndicated talk show.

photo2 photo1

June has already been plenty busy – had a spot in a film as a Mom (“Last Man on Earth”)


A radioplay/documentary as Carly Simons in “Claims to Fame”


A spot on another TV reenactment on Discovery ID Channel in Crimes to Remember


and a role in a feature film “Genteel” as Lucille Dawn, a southern cougar barfly and we are only one week into the month -wow.

dawn3 dawn4 dawn2

On June 14 we shot the Psychiatrist scene for Chasing the Bird with an actual world renowned Psychiatrist, Vivian Shnaidman M.D The film is a quirky documentary about a group of friends who decide to enter the World Series of Birding.


Commercial shoot in Arlington Va on June 14 with Marketing For Change (SalterMitchell ad agency). Couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of change agents… I was the inspirational older patient and it was for a website video for Trust Cards. Thanks to Kimberly Skyrme Casting for this one.

photo 3 photo 2

Looking forward to my next feature film shooting in Manhattan end of June “It Takes a Man” Starring: Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD)Renowned Nollywood superstar, Annie Macaulay Idibia(wife of the legend 2face) Pascal Atuma and more. Written by Chisom Oz-lee and featuring  some wonderful others. The film centers on a child custody battle and you guessed it I am the Judge in the courtroom drama scenes.


More Set pics from the movie that will glue you to the edge of your seat. Filming courtroom scenes June 26-29 Judge Foristal presiding

jun30-5 jun30-4 jun30-2 jun30-1

Premiering on July 1st will be The Christine Shultz Case on The Perfect Murder. I play the snitch..Again, to find out which channel Investigation Discovery is on your cable provider please use the following link: http://www.investigationdiscovery.com/channel-finder/


In July played a judge again in the hit TruTV, TBS TV series, Billy on the Street and the yenta Margueritte in the short film, Lost in Manhattan.


Also appeared as the “motherly woman” in the second episode of Jeff Stewart’s SciFi series “Velocity”


Interviewed again for Tai Cheng commercial after 7 and 9 weeks on the program.



In August filmed as a 1950 housewife in the mocumentary The Secret History of the USA/UFO.

aug26-7 aug26-6

And appeared as Mrs. Beaver in the first episode of a new ID channel series called Shadow of Doubt (Red River).  One of the added perks of that shoot were my adorable talented co actors including Steve Cavanaugh  of SWIM

aug26-4 aug26-2

aug26-5 aug26-9

getting ready to be interviewed live on TV with Regis and Joy

sep17-2 sep17-1sep17-4sep17-3

From Sept 10th shoot successfully completed Tai Cheng fitness program yay.

sep17-7 sep17-6 sep17-5

Tai Cheng

Fun green screen photoshoot with Actor Gabe Brandis as the Baron Ivan  and I am the Russian Baroness  Kateryna Kerbroski for feature film Karma by Derrick Berry of Megafilmz

IMG_1499 IMG_1493 IMG_1483

Ok it’s finally here First episode of Sangre Negra  with Antonio McKay and a whole awesome cast and directed by the incomparable Frank Pinnock and me as Alexandria Levy YAYMark your calendar because on September 18th comes the new hit tv series that everyone has been waiting for. Make sure to catch the first episode of @sangre_negra_ www.sangrenegratheseries.com starring Erik Estrada , Antonio Mc Kay , Danny Arroyo , Ricardo Herranz , Eric Roberts ,Robert Miano and me as Alex Levy as well as a talented cast . “Sangre Negra to bring diversity in television ” – ABC Channel . .The following are the networks where the tv series will be airing . Simplyme , Verizon FiOS, Micasa Network www.mcbntv.com, Comcast ,my dish, luken tv www.luken.tv .On the East Coast in NJ it would be airing on Direct TV network : Channel 40


Grieving widow on Oct. 3 but actually an hilarious shoot. Go figure due to the talented team and the imagination of Todd Inman

motown grieving widow estate-attorney11

Played the psychiatrist in the film Alice in America, a comedy feature film  starring written and produced by Chinny Chukwu (Candid Picture Productions) and the amazing Richard Mofe-Damijo  (RMD) —the second Nollywood production for me and with the same  awesome production team as in It Takes a Man

oct12-4 oct12-3

oct12-2 oct12-1

Have been working on the psychological thriller Alice for the last three weeks.

oct28-6s oct28-5 oct28-4s oct28-3s oct28-2s oct28-1

IMG_2980 FullSizeRender2 FullSizeRender