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Beautiful day in May filmed in Honesdale Pennsylvania the role of quirky neighbor Ms Janus in the feature called The Projection . Was 2nd feature film that both Nicholas Runfolo and I were in (also Ageless Love) but the first time as scene partners. This was also 2nd time with Spinning Real Pictures the talented team of George Scoufaras  and Evan Samaras making their feature debut with a doozy of a psychological thriller.

After a rehearsal earlier in the week on April 8, we filmed my scene in a PSA for Boulder Crest Foundation. The remarkable storyline and gripping cinematography lent believability to my scene as a police therapist treating a first responder policewoman with PTSD

The set was at the offices of Neymarc Visuals in Hoboken. Andrew Neymarc directed and along with the rest of his team did an awesome job. He and his brother Remy are credited with being the youngest creators of a Super Bowl commercial in advertising history.

Excited to announce that I will debut my role as Judge Anna Castaneda in Vendetta Vette in the teaser, which is in pre-production for June 2023, (the feature to be filmed by year end 2023). The film is written and directed by Chuck Borden and written and created by Triumph Donnelly Studios. See pictures below and check out the film on

Sunday, March 12 pick up shots for Acting Human… Close-ups shots of Ms Kelly —these filmmakers are giving it their all. I can lie on hard cement in the dark in freezing cold —that’s show biz. LOL

Looking forward to the screening of this horror comedy series should be a real happening on March 25

Upgrade My Country Rise of the Beast has been released.  It is part of a movement to fix the American political system, based on the premise of a broken government.  Two main tenets of the movement, 1 impose term limits and 2 modernize elections so that all people of all viewpoints can come together. This film carries a message with a punch.

Oh, I play one of the beast congressmen appearing throughout the film. It was a lot of fun shooting this satirical, sci-fi yet informational video.

Here are shots from a related music video.

Finally a feel good movie in time for Valentine’s Day   While it’s showing on certain airlines it’s also streaming on a dozen platforms. For a sneak peek look below.
Tell them Bubbie sent you. Good with popcorn  and enjoy ❤️.

After four days of season one streaming on, Sangre Negra assumed the number one spot for crime series. It’s also now on Amazon Prime. Definitely binge worthy.

My character, Alexandra Levy, is introduced in episode three Candid Cameras at approximately the 30 minute mark.  See the clip below.


Not easy holding back my husband, Jim Mitchell played by Aaron Doren who is threatening to kill pastor Michael Oliver played by Justin McDavitt. The pastor and I (Kelly Mitchell) have been quite sinful in an earlier scene. Excited to see  the sex scene and fight scene  in the final cut. These scenes were filmed in Birmingham Alabama the weekend of December 9, 10 and 11.  The feature film is The Devil Comes Dressed For Church Too, and will be Planet Muzick’s signature film.

Photo with actor, Willie Wiggins , who plays pastor Henry Wilkins in The Devil Comes Dressed For Church Too.

Photo with actor, Aaron Doren who plays Jim Mitchell my husband in The Devil Comes Dressed For Church Too.

Photo with Justin McDavitt, who plays Pastor Michael Oliver in The Devil Comes Dressed For Church Too.

Two more days in November of shooting as Ms. Kelly, the bigoted drivers ed instructor, in Acting Human, Another challenging scene at dusk in the parking lot of the high school… I actually had a stunt double (thankful not to be in harms way)

With the amazing writer director Jacob Stargate of 886 Productions on set of The Grounders on November 7

My can this day get any worse look. Taking orders from a bunch of misfits at the diner.

Being attacked by an unwelcome guest

Actually this is Joyce the waitress and she was delighted to take part in the second episode of this comedy horror series that is destined for great things.

October 31 film shoot was incredibly real. It was for the Acting Human pilot and the set was A very cool studio for action car scenes. Many well known movies were shot there. I was Ms. Kelly the bigoted drivers education instructor. My juices were pumping and I almost lost my lunch when my student ran a stop sign. No “acting” required. I’m looking forward to seeing the footage from that day.  Here are some stills.

In September I booked two roles in two TV pilots. One is Joyce the snarky diner waitress in The Grounders (Link to IMDB) and the other is Ms. Kelly, the bigoted drivers ed instructor in Acting Human. The latter pilot was written by trans people and tells the true story of problems during their high school days being trans teens.

Acting Human Pilot

In September also booked roles in two feature films produced by Planet Muzick  The first feature is The Devil Dresses for Church Too and I play the southern cougar Kelly Mitchell.  Filming begins first week of December. The other feature will be filmed in the spring of 2023.  It’s called Streaming Sarah.  I play the role of Juliette a paranormal investigator who becomes stuck in the spirit world   Excited to be part of all these great stories

Reviews coming in on Human Hibachi 2:

Mid August went to Washington DC to play the minority whip in upgrade my country a political movement through dramatic film and music to amend the US Constitution for term limits for congress and gerrymandering and corrupt election practices and to empower and educate the electorate. A really fun shoot with Tony Zork enterprises.

I’m pleased to announce that I have been signed with Triumph Donnelly Studios to play the role of Judge Anita Jacobs in their upcoming feature film, the action thriller Vendetta Vette (c) 2022.  Website: Triumph Donnelly Studios

What a privilege to be filming this educational video for Penn Medicine  August 1 through August 3. I play a middle-aged Italian woman who is from and lives still in South Philadelphia . I had smoked a pack a day for 40 years and finally gave up cigarettes when my father died from lung cancer. The film promotes a new program to test yearly with a CT screening that checks for lung cancer at the early stages when it’s more treatable. On day one we simulated the actual CT scan , D2 I talk to the doctor about the procedure and D3 I gave my story in an interview. So satisfying when my acting can be used to promote a good cause.

On August 1 the Mara Prose podcast episode three of season five presents me as its celebrity guest. See below and listen:

June started with a touching story where I play the character Maya who (among others) was scammed by a brother and sister team who claim to be able to communicate with the dead. The challenges the filmmakers  face included the smallest space  in Brooklyn and recording between overhead flights from JFK… I think they did an amazing job and look forward to seeing this Indie make the film festival circuit.

End of May was interviewed for the podcast by author Mara Prose. August 1 release date.

On set on May 26 filming Another Man’s Trash a clever Indie. Its proceeds went to  Philabundance. John O’Hurley ( J Peterman Seinfeld ) served me soup along with a quick nicety exchange. Good food actually. Super cast, Whiplash going from billionaire earlier in the week to homeless.

On May 23th and 24th I participated in a sizzle reel for a TV reality series showing three families and their issues with succession in the family business. Our family owned this beautiful art deco theater and some 50 other theaters we were moguls in the theater business and had a son and daughter who both wanted to succeed to running the enterprise. It was great fun shooting. It felt real. The Green Leaf Production team is top notch in this genre. And in the realm of coincidence the actor who played my son was also my son in Human Hibachi 2. I have a strong feeling this will be picked up by one of the networks.

The miniseries Prison Letters has been fully edited,  Attached is a clip from episode one where I play a cancer patient who has little faith. The series is based on the letters that the Apostle Paul wrote when he was in prison – letters of joy, challenge and encouragement.

Prison Letters Trailer

The world premiere of the trailer for Vital Instruments is now out. There also is a sponsoring  brewing company that makes slasher beer… See below:

Vital Instruments Trailer

An Interview with Actress Julie Chapin on Laughter Talks:

Link to Interview

It’s official, my film Ageless Love is an Oscar contender – number two on the list:

Films Eligible for Oscars


Nov 5 – 7 finished filming Vital Instruments. Rigorous Covid protocols, overnight shoots

temperatures dropping to 25°. An awesome crew that draped our coats, hats and mylar blankets over us between takes. Also they brought in huge propane heaters. That along with thermal underwear and rushes of adrenaline kept cast and crew comfortable. No doubt will be an exciting authentic paranormal thriller. Can’t wait for this one.

The wonderful accolades continue from the Academy in HOLLYWOOD… Our most recent film’s Script/Screenplay AGELESS LOVE was just inducted by the Academy Awards Margaret Herrick Library into their Permanent Core Collection.  Materials in the Core Collection are made available for study in the research library freely open to all students, filmmakers and writers.

Ageless Love was screened by The HFPA Golden Globes on October 30th in Los Angeles California for a chance at a nomination 🎬🙌🏼
.#agelesslove #oscarcontender #goldenglobescontender #hollywoodreporter #variety #cannes202

Ageless Love screened in Beverly Hills at the Lumiere Music Hall on October 15-21. I was part of the panel in the cast talkback on the 21st. See me  HERE talking to celebrity host Felicia Michelle. This film is really wowing audiences and Bubbie plays a pivotal role in the story ( quoting the Hollywood Reporter).

Reviews of PIZZAMAN

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Thank you @hollywoodreporter.  This is  very exciting for all of us.

Come see the Oscar contender Ageless Love opening in Beverly Hills at the @lumierecinemala on October 15.  Meet me and the cast Oct 21st at our Q&A.  It’s gonna be amazing.  You don’t want to miss it.  Ticket link:

Vital Instruments     In October, I went  upstate NY  to begin filming a LEAD role in the horror/action short, VITAL INSTRUMENTS, directed by Lee Schatzman and Greg Kase!

After a bank heist that didn’t go according to plan, a trio of violent thieves  take shelter in an abandoned farmhouse…that’s actually not abandoned at all, but instead inhabited by half a dozen women in a witches coven (led by me)  and their shotgun-wielding captor (my husband). And that’s where the surprises really begin…

We will be working on this film throughout the month, and hopefully, it should be ready in Q1 or Q2 of 2022.

                                Before                                                                                After

August 2 shoot was awesome for a  faith based series called Prison Letters. I was the patient of little faith whose hospital roommate was quite the opposite. The Times Square Church team were on their best game. So talented, so professional and divinely inspired. It was a joy to be Helen in this first episode.

 Helen (me) with  Director Pastor David Ham and Producer Loretta Busch

With cast Michelle ( Jessica Fernandez) Frances ( Elisabeth Harnett ) and Chris (Mike Rob)


Helen the grumpy patient with casting directors Anna Naumi and Patricia Mauceri

A recent glowing review of Ageless Love:

Agesless Love TAP into Ridgewood

July 29 was the world premiere of Ageless Love

Dream team director Joshua Coates and PM/cinematographer Jeremy Dennis
Bubbie (Julie Chapin) and young Yale (Nick D’Ambrosio)   and older Yale (Nick McCormack) the costar of Ageless Love

Filming in the short thriller Leashes in Newark Delaware in July. Kim Jacobs the mother of one of the leads. Interesting story line with dog costars and paranormal effects.

Booked a digital commercial for Penguin/Random House audio books All that was required was for me to chill. Loved it
Human Hibachi 2   First day of filming with my film family and sons best friend
Any one up for homemade dogs?? Yum
The look of concern that my film family eats human remains.
The happiness of knowing it’s pretend.

Woo hoo  The film Ageless Love is up for a Golden Globe award and will be screening at Cannes later this year.

I just loved everything about this movie. I played Bubbie, the grandmother of Yale Schwartz back in the 1940s.

Check out this link where  the Director Joshua Coates is being interviewed in Golden Globes magazine.

The re-edited version of The Man with the Floppy Ears  will be found On Demand at beginning June 4 – 17 and then the 18-30.  due to the limitations of OnTheStage they only allow us two weeks at a time for ticketing.  The tickets will be $4 + some small fee by OnTheStage.

And the Zoom table read of a sci-fi fantasy called Leashes.  It will have “dog actors”.   Going to be fun. Filming in July.  I am the mother of the lead.
May is the month of table reads :
Human hibachi 2, the horror comedy sequel to the feature film Human Hibachi.  This one is going to be close your eyes screaming scary,  Filming in June.
Great review of the Film Goodbye Seventies:
Reprising my role as a doctor. See the trailer for the book The Unique Rose here;
The film Peacemakers screened in May.  Here are some screenshots of me as the doctor. Peacemakers won first place at the Philadelphia International Film Festival & Market for 2020.
Reel Life TV Show pilot just won its tenth festival best pilot award.  See it at this link:
Terrific shooting a short indie on May 2 called In His Pocket a fantasy piece about a young working girl (played and produced by Amanda Schoonover) and Jack White (played by Doug Greene).  I played Amanda’s boss.  Director David Nikolas is almost a ft and a half taller than I – made it easy to see him as needed 😊

After 13 months only filming on zoom or outdoors (due to Covid) feels so good to finally be part of a shoot again. On April 26 played a psychiatrist in the trailer of Unique Rose directed by Christopher McClean of Black Lens Cinema.

Stay tuned for more shoots scheduled later this month and next.

Saturday, April 3, at 8pm on PhillyCam 1, watch the world premiere of Genteel.  I play Lucille, a sensual southern barfly.    It’s Joseph Carlin’s third feature.  After the screening it will be released on VOD.
In Feb. 2020 I was in this awesome independent film.  It is now making it’s way through the film festival circuit.  See the excellent review below:
On February 20 my artist collective filmed on Zoom an original horror short called the Raptor written by Brian Smith.  Lower left frame I was the mother of two of the actors and the other actors played the psychiatrist and best friend.
I admit that I’m going a bit quarantine bonkers.  Sooo to relieve the stress I just joined a group of milf cougars broadcast with our Tik Tok sensation Josh Richards. It was actually quite fun and these are home shots getting in the mood – LOL.
GOODBYE SEVENTIES will be released on February 16 and is available for pre-order now HERE
On January 11 I was interviewed by the inspirational Marguerite Fair of Fair Productions on her show Laughter Talks.  Click the link below to listen to the interview:

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