Last week of January played the psychic healer Sage giving advice in the park to Jill played by Sally Hassan in Mahesh Kumar’s film The Writer.
Three days in February on Columbia University thesis film of Esteban Garcia Vernaza.  Very poignant great moment to moment with my son played by Matt Whitfield.  Had the opportunity to be one of the principal characters.
On Valentine’s Day I was proud to learn that I was profiled on the Pennsylvania Film Industry Association web site:
and there is an article about me:
At the end of February shot a comedic scene as a Jewish mother.  There was no acting here. Talented daughter played by Elyse Hudson and directed by the amazing Katy Frame.

After an overnight shoot March 12 to March 13 this still was taken of “Antique” the most experienced pole dancer at the club in the pilot of Alice Rose (writer/director) and Kevin Hackenberg’s (cinematographer) film called Pole Position.  An hour later on the morning of March 13 I went into self quarantine to be safe or as safe as one can possibly be in these most trying pandemic times.


Even during the pandemic managed to shoot a commercial for a UK company’s health product.  Director kept a mask on and social distance.  My husband “acted“ as my husband in the commercial.  It was a hoot.



Despite still being in isolation from the pandemic June was a month of collaboration with the writer director and cast of The Man with the Floppy Ears.  I was the daft socialite in this romantic triangle screenplay.  Rehearsals began on June 17,  the table read was June 28 and filmed on Zoom

On August 22 we shot our live scenes for the public service announcement Titled “Are You Ready: Vote 2020”. I wrote, co produced, cast, and appear in this important timely video .

While there are many “get out the vote” videos, some are partisan and most don’t give you specifics on exactly WHERE or HOW to cast your vote. We made this NON-PARTISAN video to provide information on the voting process and to get it to as many voting-eligible Americans as possible, regardless of party affiliation.

That last picture is me as a “golden girl “who would rather complain than vote.

In the last Presidential election fewer than 30% of eligible American voters determined the outcome. We need to increase voter participation- our democracy and future hangs in the balance!  Please view this nonpartisan video I with a group of concerned citizens put together.   Share with all your friends and Vote like your life depends on it (it does)!!


I am also very excited that my voting PSA (Are You Ready? Vote 2020) was chosen as a finalist in the best picture category of the New York Film Awards.



Filmed my scenes in TMWTFE last week of September. Below are links to the trailer and playbill for the screening on Oct 17.  We did this all virtually so it was safe and the viewers may not even notice we’re not really all on the same stage.



Performance Platform




Our virtual premier was a big hit and we had a lively question and answer afterwards. Now by popular demand there will be encore performances. Most likely over Thanksgiving weekend.  Stay tuned.



GOODBYE SEVENTIES (directed by Todd Verow) had its World Premiere at the OUT ON FILM: Atlanta LGBTQ Film Festival on September 28
 It was such a pleasure working on this film in the role of Lexxy, the owner of the “Art Film Theatre”. I enjoyed participating in the Q&A session that followed the screening. The European premier is October 25 – closing night at the Porn Film Fest Berlin.  More festivals to follow.

Early October ADR on my scenes as Bubbie  in What Do I Do Now.   From the rough cuts I saw it’s clear this is going to be a fabulous film. Can’t wait for its screening  and release in 2021.   Pictured here with the amazing Director Joshua Coates.

On October 13 I was the featured guest on the Keith Andrew Network. Keith Andrew is an engaging host who’s own story of overcoming disabilities continues to inspire many.


Further the film The Knit where I am the ghostly old Knitty is a semi finalist for the upcoming Cannes International Independent Film Festival.
Be sure to watch this crazy good short film Main Absolves online premiering on Monday, Oct. 19 at 1 pm.  Abigail Bruley is terrific as the heroine of this tale (she also wrote and directed).  Did I mention I play her Mom.




I was honored to have been the voice of the grandmother in this epic podcast called The Gray Area. My part was pivotal in a momentous Thanksgiving dinner scene . Writer director Edward Champion created a whole dystopian universe of characters and conflicts.  You can hear the trailer for Paths Not Taken: Shadows Have Offended Chapter 10.7 released on October 20 at http://.grayareapod.com



On October 22 I was the featured guest on The Scoop with Phyllis and Samantha. It was live online from anywhere – https://www.blogtalkradio.com/scoopradioshow/2020/10/22/the-scoop-with-phyllis-and-samantha–rocking-your-world
It was great fun talking to these charismatic unfiltered ladies about my past career as a corporate attorney and transitioning into acting ( and even got to plug some past and future projects). Truly like talking to two longtime friends though I’ve never had the good fortune of meeting either of them. www.facebook.com/scoopradioshow
Goodbye Seventies will be screening at qFLIX Philadelphia LGBTQ Film Festival November 5-30.  See
qflixphilly.com    Its been reviewed quite favorably.  For example “…a loving homage to  the so-called Golden Age of Porn and the same time…with clearly noticeable melancholy, what was lost through the terror of the AIDS years.  Perhaps Todd Verow’s best film yet” – Manuel Schubert TAZ Germany.  “Visually striking, with terrific flourishes, from superimposed imagery to snippets that pay homage to the films of the era….an enjoyable film from the veteran indy queer auteur” – Gary Kramer Philadelphia Gay News.
 It’s happening!  The new TV series Sangre Negra will be streaming on the Tubi app (in association with FOX TV) beginning December 18. Alexandra Levy first appears In Season 1 episode one and makes waves in episodes 3 and 8 and again in Season 2– exciting crime drama with just the right mix of humor.