2016 started with a bang – first episode of Shadow of Doubt on ID Channel playing Mrs. Beaver aired on January 6 – very will done.


The Philadelphia screening (1/13/16) of the feature “The Philadelphia Bicycle Vignette Story” directed by the talented Bryan Green was well received.


Have been working on my theatrical chops performing scenes from Doubt as Sister Aloysius at Walking Fish Theatre in January.

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Am honored and excited to have been picked to be one of the featured talent in the new book “In the Spotlight – Over 100 Masters of the Stage” by New York based creative development firm Creative Spotlights (see www.creativespotlights.com). Spring publication expected.

On January 28 a perfect commercial shoot for a new product from Always with the very talented photographer/film maker Alessia Gatti at Brookfield Place in downtown Manhattan.

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On Saturday January 31 a great time at a SAG awards night in NYC with old and new actor  friends.

IMG_3730 IMG_3747

And pleased to be selected as one of the interviewees in The Philadelphia Independents project,This series explores the melting pot of disciplines that makes up the Philadelphia independent film community. …looks like an exciting collaboration spearheaded by the Bufad Cinema team of Julie Stackhouse and Tom Schmitt…my shoot took place February 5.


Honored to be asked to participate in a short film that will be entered in the Why Foundation media campaign–we will be filming February 27 in Central Park with Director Alessia Gatti
This is the Why Foundation’s third public media campaign “WHY WOMEN?” aiming to bring awareness of the challenges faced by women and girls globally.10 Why Women? short films will be screened, among many other places, at the World’s leading women’s conference, Women Deliver, to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in May 2016.


The films will be further shared with the conference’s international partners, including the UN, uploaded on websites and social media, screened on television, at special exhibitions and used as teaching material. The aim is to raise awareness and generate debate on the subject of equal opportunities, the health of girls and women and their rights at a global level.

Academy Award winner Helen Mirren has recorded poetic, factual and dramatic voice-overs for five different films, which put the conditions of women on the agenda.

March is already shaping up for great things…first week nice supporting role in drama Hotel preceded by the lead in a thriller called the Knit (both have award winning teams) and March 17 the film Road Rage where I am Briana is screening in Princeton and then in April been offered a role in the webseries Ghetto Nerd Girl (Dorothy mother of Seth) The series won numerous awards and nominations for Season 1. including People’s Choice Award at Miami Web Fest in 2014, Viewer’s Choice Award at ATL Web Fest in 2014, and also nominated for Best Actress at NYC Web Fest 2014, and Best Director nominee at Rio Web Fest in 2015.

What a thrill being a truly creepy evil old woman as Nettie White in The Knit.  Thank you Killer Beam Entertainment and Director Gary Malick and Writer Andy Kumpon  for the terrifying circumstances.

nettiewhite3 nettiewhite1

On set of Hotel by Man Made Productions, Director Mark Clauburg with Amanda Brooke Lerner and Pooya Monseni


One of the wonderful things about the March 17  premier of Road Rage was having the chance to meet and talk to fellow actors that were in the same film but did not work on the same shoot days. I got to chat with some wonderful people and made new friends as a result. Thanks Brad Mays Filmmaker.

roadragepremier1 roadragepremier3

In March also filmed a scene where Francois Beign, a prominent doctor and advocate for the legalization of assisted suicide is being interviewed in his home by leading female journalist Edie Merkett (played by Julie Chapin) in Derrick Berry’s Coming Home.


IMG_4336 IMG_4274

First week of April and filming in The Philly Offensive, a raunchy, hilarious series that pokes fun at some typical Philadelphia phenomena and table read for the award winning series Ghetto Nerd Girl playing very different mothers in each.

IMG_4345 FullSizeRender2

Enjoyable table read for the new epic drama series “The Kids Are Fine”.  I am Betty – adopted mother of Elliott, wife of Patrick and mother of Billy, Andy and Cynthia.


Filming first week of May a film at jersey beach played mother of the lead. Curiouser Creative Studio


In June filmed the final episode of Ghetto Nerd Girl – played helicopter mom Dorothy to Seth –  not too fond of Susan (main character).  What a great series by the talented writer director and creator Sally McGarvey with the wonderful cast and crew.

IMG_4862 IMG_4863 IMG_4865 IMG_4866

July started out with a bang.  Voice over for The Nobody Watching show by Tinman Creative Films and being cast in two more NY productions 1) as Frances Stein, an Upper East Sider, in Hedda Needs Help, a comedy  2) and corporate lifer Mandy Payne in Hidden Ties (pilot episode) a film based on events in an imaginary executive recruiting firm which controls the NY market.

Hidden Ties shoot on July 17…exceptional cast director and crew….meet Mandy Payne below

IMG_4999 IMG_5001 IMG_4990

Just booked a pain management industrial gig in Philadelphia shooting July 29. And this thriller is coming to film festivals.  I co-starred as the old Knitty.  The world premiere will be at the Trocadero on July 30 The Liberty Massacre horror short film festival. There I am as an apparition in the official poster.


At the premiere of The Knit:


Hysterical estate lawyer ad broadcast this month.  Guess who is the grieving widow.

Did a pain management industrial shoot where I was the patient with center city film and video group end of July.


The world premiere of the Knit – costar Leila Jean Davis walked away with the best actress award.

IMG_5187 knit

So honored to have been in Hotel as Peggy. It just won the best short film in the Brightside Tavern Film Festival.


This past weekend we shot two more episodes of The Demo Guy, a very funny series where I play Patty Xavier mother of the demo guy Lance Xavier (Trevor Crane) and pictured here with husband Ned (Art Brown).

img_5578 img_5579 img_5581 img_5582 img_5577

September also appeared in a new web series Cafe con Leche as the upscale mother at an art gallery confronting the lead actress/ writer/ producer.
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And the next day was in a new ID channel reenactment series Homicide for the Holidays—thanksgiving episode as the aunt of the killer.
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October is finishing with a bang.  Played the leads mother in Sexual Healing an indie short film directed by the award winning Mark Cabaroy.
img_5854 img_5853
Next weekend filming with this lovable dog ( playing little Albie) in Hedda Needs Help.
fullsizerender2 fullsizerender img_5906 img_5855
Followed by my debut at the Manhattan Repertory Theater as the singing bartender in Easy To Love Art Browns comedy …my cup runneth over.
Dress rehearsal at Manhattan Repertory Theater on Oct. 25.
img_5857 img_5959
img_5958 img_5955
Played NASA doctor in Belinda Wilson’s new sci-fi film The Peacemakers in November.
img_6343 img_6342
Starting December with a photo shoot by the talented Steve Greer at the Glenearyre Equestrian Farm.
img_6446 img_6444
December continues to be  a busy month  –it includes a film project for The University of the Arts in Philadelphia
and a day  of shooting for a new miniseries  ( I play the mother-in-law of the killer) which will be aired on the History Channel sometime this spring.
img_6384 img_6382
Then two full days of filming /work shopping an hilarious dark comedy feature film for celebrity  James Franco’s bi-coastal  production company..that I’m sure will be a hit ..
.ready for a holiday break now and daughters wedding  peace and joy to all this  holiday season!