“Julie Chapin is an exceptionally talented actress. She leaves absolutely no doubt to her authenticity when she becomes a character. She takes direction like a high performance sports car and always shows up on time and fully prepared. Julie’s always-up-for-anything attitude makes her a pleasure to have on set.”

Lawrence R. Greenberg

Award winning Director/ Producer and Writer
(Owner of Poni TV and Red BowWhite Box)


“I had the great honor and pleasure of working with Julie Chapin in my comedy play, CASEY—-30 YEARS LATER!  She is not only a gifted actress, but a pleasure to work with, kind, witty, giving, and dedicated to the production, not only dedicated as an actress, but she understands that it is called show “business” for a reason and lends her support to ALL areas of the production Julie is a producer’s and director’s Dream.”

Beverly Bonner

Actress/Producer/Director/Playwright/Stand Up Comedian (Known best for her roles in the Frank Henenlotter basketcase  film series  and  for appearing in Tom Eyen‘s play Women Behind Bars .)


“It was an honor to reintroduce Julie into the world of acting. Not only is she an enormously hard working and talented actress, but also someone who is very generous in her dealings with other actors onstage. Her humor, intelligence, and sensitivity, coupled with a wild imagination, allow her to explore roles freely and with great depth. Above all, Julie is courageous in her work, and though that courage, in part, is based on her life experience, somehow she maintains a child-like vulnerability and innocence that imbues her performances with truth, clarity, and unbridled joy.”

Bruce Ornstein

Award winning Actor/Director/Producer/Writer/Acting Teacher and adjunct professor in the Columbia University MFA Program for Film  (known for Saturday Night Fever (1977), Jack and His Friends (1992) and Vamperifica (2012 )  


“Julie was a blast to work with, she came right in and took off with the character (Fannie Goldstein) and brought it to life from our film “Ghost Goggles”. Watching her scenes now with the boy who played Nick was really refreshing and natural. She was the perfect choice for that role! We loved her energy on and off the camera, a true professional!”

Jeff Solema
on Behalf of Magic Elevator – Producer of Ghost Goggles


“Julie Chapin’s natural acting talent is finally coming to the fore after a full and successful life outside the field.  The most important aspect right now is her ability to work at the craft both as a business and an art. Her professionalism, reliability, diligence and ease as an actor in any role will please any director or producer hiring her.”

Mary Tierney

Acclaimed Actress. Director and  Board member of  Theater for the New City, NYC


“Julie is amazing and professional. I worked her long days and never heard one complaint. She engulfs herself in her roles. It’s great to work with a pro actress who you never have to tell “find your light” or “find the camera” . She also did some physical stunts for me that I didn’t think she would do. She is a great actress and a total trooper.”

Creep Creepersin

Acclaimed film director, musician, screenwriter, producer, actor and author from Los Angeles (Directed over 40 films including Ghost Goggles)


“Julie has blended her gifted multi-faceted legal background into acting with such passion and conviction that those of us who know her as a lawyer are left awe-struck, but not surprised at her natural raw talent.”

Peter de Krassel

Author, entertainment industry executive,  journalist , lawyer,   strategic business consultant and CEO of PetsCentralMedia


” As a Film Writer and Director I had the pleasure and honor of working with Julie and it has been a truly rewarding experience which brings back good memories every time I think about it. This is because when she commits to a project she does it 101%. She puts all herself into it and most of all she loves what she does to the very core, which means that she likes spending time with the director and everyone else involved in the project on every detail concerning her role, which is why she is so talented and successful.”

Marco Chiavarelli

Award winning Film Writer and Director from Rome

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